There will be no peaceful revolution!

Becca. 17. Florida. Music. Pink. I'm just a sad small town girl trying to find her own happiness and get by, but then again, aren't we all? Jose is my bestfriend. Abigail is my little sissy. Ty is my other half. Lauren Is the my favorite person. & Julie is a princess. Follow me on insta @beccalee7_


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My version of flirting is looking at someone I find attractive multiple times and hoping they’re more brave than I am.

literally same

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google is great because you can ask something really obvious and nobody has to know

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things i wanna do w/u:

  • get milkshakes at a cute fifties place
  • splash in the street during a storm
  • take pictures of flowers and cool plants
  • kiss & hug in the ocean
  • play cards by candlelight
  • sew couple cosplays
  • overthrow the government probably

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i find it funny that “i like big butts” has always been a well-liked song, but as soon as Nicki Minaj samples it and shows off her amazing ass in a video, suddenly OH MY GOD WHAT A SLUT PUT THAT AWAY

like, it’s okay for a guy to talk about how much he loves butts
but it’s not okay for women to love their own butts

funny how that works

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